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  1. In most cases, it's not clear who they used as a standard to test against.
    In other words, if a benchmark says you're in the top 5% of running a mile, whose mile times are you being compared to? It can't be the general population, because the vast majority of the people in the world have never run a mile, much less done so in testable conditions and had those results accurately recorded.

    When we know who you are being tested against, we provide that information.
  2. In many cases the data is not accurate.
    For instance, many sites use self-reported data. If I go to a site and enter ‘my results' I may be doing so simply to see how a certain kind of result would compare to others. And I may enter a number of different results just to see how I would compare to others under different scenarios. But the system might enter each one of those inputs as an actual result into their database.
  3. The tests don't really test overall fitness.
    It's easy to compare your results to other marathoners, if you happen to be a marathoner. And that's great for very long distance running but running very long distances, in and of itself, is not really a good gauge of overall fitness. There are multiple elements to fitness; cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, coordination; and very few of the tests provide a balanced overall result.
  4. Most tests are either too easy for really fit people or too hard for less fit people, so a given test may be only useful for one part of the population.
  5. Many of the tests require specialized equipment or knowledge of a particular exercise process.
  6. The vast majority of the best benchmarks are heavily skewed towards elite athletes, and tell us very little about benchmarking average people. Yes, there are excellent benchmarks for Olympic athletes, because records for this sort of person are maliciously kept. But this is most useful if you want to see how you compare against young men who have spent years training for some specialized sport. The 50-meter sprint records of Usain Bolt are not very useful in assessing the fitness of a 50-year-old lawyer in India.

    Excellent records are kept for players in the NFL, such as their performance at the combine tryouts. Again, only useful if you are comparing yourself to male 22-year-old athletes in the top 1/1000 in fitness.
  • We carefully monitor results and tell you exactly who you're being compared to.
  • We make sure the reported results are accurate
  • Our test includes 4 items - a half mile run, jumping rope, pushups, and pull ups, that test all part of the body and cardio fitness, strength, and coordination.
  • Since it is a timed test, it can be done by anyone at their own pace; very quickly for the very fit, or slowly for the less so. But a valid test in all cases.
  • It doesn't require special equipment, and the 4 exercise are all very simple.
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