Top 1% Competitor

Top 1% Competitor

The Top 1% is an elite community of fitness enthusiasts and athletes who have recorded phenomenal scores, outshining their peers and others around the world in similar age and weight category.

Here at Exercise Benchmarks we want to commemorate those of you who have reached the awesome achievement of breaking into the top 1% category in any of the exercises we promote.

Top 1% Certificate

How to receive your Top 1% Certificate:

  1. Visit your My Stats page and enter your scores to see what your fitness level is for any given exercise that we promote.
  2. If you have reached the Top 1% of any of those exercises, record yourself clearly doing the exercise. If running, be sure to show distance traveled on a running app with the time. If weighted, clearly show the weight before beginning.
  3. Submit your video and a photo of your legal identification to

*All achievements will be verified by our team and we will highlight you and your story on our leaderboards! All verified top 1% contributors will be contacted for delivery address and payment options. Submitting with false information will automatically disqualify you from participating.

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