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We've done the research so you don't have to; below is a list of the best sites to use to benchmark your time in the Marathon. This list was most recently updated on August 15, 2023. We'll update again as new sources become available or old one’s change.

Source Average Benchmark Dataset Data Source
Marathon handbook

GFF Choice

Men 3:34:56
Women 4:08:09
12 Age Categories
Ages 0-99
Male and Female
Average Time by Country
Fastest Times
Data compiled from Global Running statistics which reviewed 9.1 million runners of all ages and genders worldwide. The data covers 96% of US race results, 91% of the race results from the EU, Canada, and Australia and a big portion from Asian, Africa and South America...
Verywell Fit Men 4:30:00
Women 4:56:00
Mixed Ages
Male and Female
Elite Athletes
Includes Pace Calculator
Data from USATF (United States Track and Field) global track and field records, athletes only. Compiled by Christine Luff, ACE-CPT.
Livestrong 4:32:49 7 Age Categories
Ages 0-70
Male and Female
Current world records
Data compiled by Rachel Grice
CPT, RYT-200 Contributing Editor
Rachel Grice is a contributing fitness editor for, an ACE-certified personal trainer and registered yoga instructor (RYT-200).
Running Level Male 03:34:56
Female 04:08:09
17 Age Categories
Ages 10-90
Male and Female
Various Ability Levels
Percentile Placement
Includes Pace Calculator
Fastest Times
Data researched compliled by Michael Clark founder of Strength Level, a successful strength benchmark forum.

Sample size and composition not available.

Revel Sports Male 04:10:00
Female 04:40:00
Averages Data compliled by Alex Randall based on Revel Sports Running Blog internal research.

Sample size and composition not available.

Runners World Male 4:22:13
Female 5:00:39
Male and Female
Fastest Countries
Split times
Data compiled by Jane Mcquire from Runrepeat statistics, all ages and gender worldwide, from 1986-2001.

Global Fast Fit

Test yourself and compare your total fitness level to others from around the world. We use real-time data from all ages and fitness levels.