The Real Race is Against Yourself


There is no faster or simpler way for improving your fitness than doing the Global Fast Fit routine. Measurement is extremely simple.

Here’s how; complete the Global Fast Fit routine as often as possible, perhaps once a day at the beginning, gradually increasing to up to three times per day.

This is an intense workout, so, like any other high intensity routine, rest and recovery is necessary. However, recovery times can be shorter than most high intensity workouts because:

  • The overall routine is quite short. Recovery time is related to the amount of time you have stressed the body. For marathons and epic weight sessions, long recovery times are necessary.
  • The routine is designed to work the entire body, so no individual body part gets an excessive amount of work in any session.
  • We deal entirely with bodyweight; you don’t need to rest as long as you would when participating in heavy weight workouts; muscle and tendon recovery is much faster than with heavy weights.

At the very beginning, go slowly and let your body adjust. Over time you should see your total elapsed time get less and less, and as that happens, you can do the routine more in the same amount of time.

If the first sessions require 20 minutes each, then you have a 20-minute workout. Before you know it, you’ll be able to do 2 sessions in the same 20 minutes and, perhaps eventually, 3.

As long as you do the routine correctly, and persist, your times will improve.

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