Benchmarking For Public Policy


A New Fitness Metric for Public Policy

Governments and private institutions spend billions of dollars every year trying to improve the health and fitness of their citizens; most of that money is wasted and ineffectual. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the most fundamental is that in order to gauge the effectiveness of public health measures, there have to be common standards to judge them. Currently, no such standard exists.

We see policy making affected by a conglomerate of standards from different countries, states, and counties with no common benchmark. Test compositions vary greatly. No such standard has existed which represents and individuals’ true overall fitness level.

The problem is, without a standard of measurement the data is not accurately represented, therefore the analysis is misinformed. Policies that distribute large amounts of funding should be based on an accurate representation of the category they affect.

Global Fast Fit will change all that as governments and public policy makers have a simple measurement that can be applied to the vast majority of citizens in any country, and does not require elaborate measures to implement. By measuring functional fitness, policy makers get a real gauge of what matters in the day-to-day life of citizens.

Functional fitness explores the core components of an individual’s fitness metrics. Metrics are analyzed in a high intensity routine that allows these core components to work in tandem, providing an accurate assessment of one’s overall fitness level.

If you work for a public health organization, please contact us using this form to learn more and how you can implement Global Fast Fit to improve your organization’s metrics; usually at no cost.

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